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As a practitioner, Dr. Young worked for a nonprofit that MLK III was on the board of. During a visit he said something that shaped her teaching philosophy:

"Be afraid to die without achieving victory for humanity."

Teaching the next generation of community leaders is how Dr. Young works to achieve small victories for humanity. 

Teaching: Text
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Budgets & Finances in Managing Public Affairs

Financial Management in the Nonprofit 

Introduction to American Government

Introduction to Public Administration

Introduction to Public Policy

Managing the Nonprofit Organization

State & Local Government


Introduction to Public Management & Leadership

Organizational Behavior for Public Servants

Organizational Issues in Government (Project & Human Resource Management)

Power, Ethics & Governance for Public Administrators 

Public Administration in Crisis

Public Personnel & Human Resource Management

Public Policy & Affair

Research Practicum

Role of the Nonprofit 

State & Local Government

Strategic Planning, Budgeting, & Program Evaluation for Public Organizations 

Systems Thinking for American Governments

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