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Research Principles & Projects

By studying how nonprofits and public organizations collaborate, engage with communities, and thrive during crises we can discover system-based solutions that perpetuate socially equitable outcomes.

Research: Projects
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Nonprofit Resilience

Drs. Kimberly Wiley
& Elizabeth Searing

Nonprofit organizations experience many types of crises. This line of research studies how nonprofits thrive during hard times.

​Select Academic Publications:

  • Searing, E.A.M., Wiley, K.K., Young, S.L. (2023). Resiliency tactics during financial crises. In L. Dicke & S. Ott. (Ed.), Understanding Nonprofit Organizations. DOI: 10.4324/9781003387800-34

  • Lim, S. & Young, S. (2023). Why the network coordinator matters: The importance of learning, innovation, and governance structures in coproduction networks. Journal of Civil Society. 

  • Wiley, K., Searing, E., & Young, S. (2022). Haunted by nonprofits: Themed teaching cases for Halloween and Diás de los Muertos. Journal of Public Affairs Education. Available online first.

  • Young, S. L., & Tanner, J. (2022). Citizen participation matters. Bureaucratic discretion matters more. Public Administration. Available online first.

  • Stull, J., Young, S.L., Searing, E., & Wiley, K. (2022). The public administration-politics dichotomy. In K. Schedler (Ed.), Encyclopedia of Public Management. 

  • Searing, E., Wiley, K., & Young, S.L. (2021). Resiliency Tactics during Financial Crisis: The Nonprofit Resiliency Framework. Nonprofit Management and Leadership. Available online first.

  • Young, S.L. & Berlan, D. (2021). We are not all the same: What motivates individuals to be members of professional associations varies by sector. Voluntary Sector Review. Available online first.***

  • Young S.L. & Wiley K.K. (2021) Erased: Why faculty sexual misconduct is prevalent and how we could prevent it, Journal of Public Affairs Education, DOI: 10.1080/15236803.2021.1877983 ***

  • Young, S.L., Searing, E., &Wiley, K. (2020). Squandered in real-time: How public management theory underestimated the public administration-politics dichotomy. The American Review of Public Administration. 50(6-7), 480-488. ***

  • Wiley, K., Searing, E., & Young, S. (2020). The utility of the advocacy coalition framework in a regional budget crisis.  Public Policy & Administration. ***

  • Young, S., Wiley, K., & Searing, E., (2019). When politics and public administration collide: The impact on human service delivery. Illinois Municipal Policy Journal. 4(1) p. 104-120. ***

  • Young, S.L. (2018). Political skill of volunteer board members in the nonprofit milieu: A resource dependency perspective. International Journal of Volunteer Administration. 33(3) p. 28-52. ***

Practitioner Publications:

*** indicates the full-text version is available for free in the blog section of this site

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